What you have are outstanding business solutions.

What we offer is a peace of mind.

Expertise you can rely on

Being a successful software company, you know exactly how good your product is. Your brand means excellence and your clients expect nothing less. That’s why you need reliable business partners to deliver top quality implementations, and that is where we come in. An experienced team of solution architects, senior database developers and business intelligence specialists dedicated to make the absolute most of your product and keep your clients satisfied.

Solution Architecture
Data Integrations
implementation cycle
Post implementation
and mentoring

Your work in good hands

We take pride in our diverse business experience. Continuous cooperation with customers as different as financial institutions, automobile manufacturers or telecom companies proves our ability to translate business needs into software that one can immediately work with to improve efficiency. That’s why when you’re handing us over a project you can be truly relieved – we’ll take it from here. into something that companies can work with immediately with great efficiency

SQL Server and Azure SQL
Reporting Services
Integration Services
Analysis Services
Oracle DB
Power Center
Power BI
Data Warehousing


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